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Our Creations!
Our eTank Game Project Our Blue Screen of Death Project Our Screensaver Add-on Project Our .pak Utility Project Our HIDE Project
These are the projects we have completed, are working on or are brainstorming about. Progress has been sloOow lately so please help us. Follow links on the left for details on particular projects, here's a quick overview:

eTank (Free 8 Internet Player Tank Shoot-em-up, Completed)
bScreen (Free app. changes color of BSOD on Win95/98/(Me?), Completed)
alStrobe (Free Screensaver add-on that flashes keyboard LED's, Completed)
PakViewer (Free .pak file utility, Completed)
HIDE (Free Rubbish automation program, Completed)

NexTTriS (Multiplayer Tetris Clone with Cool FX, 50% Done)
Game24 (Free Challenging Maths Game, 28% Done)
iTank (Shareware Tank Shoot-em-up, 9% Done)
xTowers (Still Secret, 1% Done)

This list will grow.
Future project ideas include Ghess, bScreen2, oRadio, alStrobe2 and wRoars.

Don't ask me why I make up project names like pNames because I'm not an imaginative type and these are the most original names that pop into my head!