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About HIDE

This is Voxelsoft's first project and one that I am going to try to distance myself from. It is a bit of a disaster but it was the first program release so give us the benefit of the doubt. Basically the idea was to create a hidden program that follows a script that a non-programmer can quickly write and use. The script would have the ability to control application windows and buttons.

This project is Completed!

Required Specs: Win98/95/Me/2000/NT.

Obviously, I though I was not a real programmer and that anything I understand, everyone would understand. The end result was a totally useless, confusing application that no one could work out. Ignorant comments like "I ran it but it did not do anything" made me treasure my literacy and my computer skills but put an end to any hope the project had. Trying to sell it as shareware was the second big mistake. Following is the (uncomprehendable) actual text written at the creation date.

HIDE is an application that is designed to run in the background of the Windows (Registered trademark of Microsoft(R) Corporation) environment to simplify and automate the running of programs.

It may also be used for the distribution of other commercial software applications/packages. Even as a batch install file on a CD!

HIDE is simple to use, it is very versatile and offers many options, including automatic button pressing, entering text into windows and guiding the user by disabling unnecessary buttons. It can also execute external software.

HIDE follows a configuration script and as it running this script can modify itself, adapting to the actions of the user.

This script needs to be created specially for the software that you intend to use with HIDE. You can easily learn how to create these simple but powerful scripts by following the 'Script' guidelines below.

And now I will faint...