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About iTank

This is (or was intended to be) a commercial project. A full screen, high quality graphics, sound and music advance on eTank with a huge scrolling playing field and up to 32 player support. I very much hope that the CEO of Xtreme Games LLC will like it when it's finished and publish it for us :).

The game will run at 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution. Possibly even over 32 players will be supported for different game types, such as fatal duel, multiple team and capture the flag games. The revised controls will mean a 360 degree firing circle with a separately rotating weapon turret. Different weapons will be found including chaingun cannons, flame throwers, grenades and mines. A new sprite mechanism will allow cool features such as re-spawning flames and firework grenades. Different types of tanks will be available, including scout, heavy armoured and pyro tanks. Defensive weapons such as oblative armour, standard and reflective shielding will be around. Tactics will be required to be shown by players in scanning targets and opponents and also using the missile lock&launch facility. Greater single player support including solo missions and matches will mean that no-one will have reasons to complain. For multiplayer, there will be a centralised master server, listing all iTank servers running worldwide so you can find opponents easily. KABOOM!

This project is under development!

Required Specs: Win95/98/Me/2K/NT+, DirectX 6.1+, 640x480+ @ 16+ bit.