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Please Take Part!

It's kinda boring making stuff alone, and because my time is limited, development progress these days is extremely slow.

Here we want (apart from cash):

>Programmers (People who can make computer programs)
>Publishers (People who send our software to other websites)
>Researchers (People who find answers to big questions)
>Web Developers (HTML coding people to build us new websites)
>Sponsors (People who will give us money/hosting/anything)

So please, please, please email denis@voxelsoft.com I don't need CV's or qualifications. Irrespective of age, gender, race (but no aliens please) and whatever else, as long as you can be useful in our areas of development or projects, you're in.

Your name will be displayed in the credits of the software you help out with (if you actually do something), you'll get the satisfaction of making something and possibly in the future even a share in profits (however projects up to now have been freeware).

Why not set up and publish your own project @ Voxelsoft?