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Current News: New BBS is up and running.

Demolition @ Easter 04 April 2003

     This site will be updated Easter. Wrote a file shredder, another 4-hour competition game.
 Meanwile, I've been working on a new engine, and csDoom (see dev).
Running out of disk space fast, 1Gb left eeek!!! And no money!
Predicted A-lev Results: Physics A/B, Geo A/B, Business A/B, Maths A/B/C
University choices picked: YORK: A-maths, A-physics, B; EANGL: BBC
September 2003+ should rock'n'roll, wherever I end up.

Demolition notice 11 Jan 2003

     Oops, I've forgotten about this site (again)...
I'm gonna knock it down soon and rebuild for 2003.
Right now I'm under siege from Universities and maths tests, so asap is the best time estimate I can give :)
Old AS Results: Physics A, Geo A, Business A, Chem C, Maths D
Universities: WARWK: AABm, BATH: AABm, MANU: ABBm, EANGL: BBC, YORK: interview, CAM: decline

Back to school 25 June 2002

     Exams are over, and 4 more weeks of school to go. Really tough working now and not even having a remote idea of what the results are like.

EXAM Postmortem 18 June 2002

     Here we are, timetable of completed exams as they happen:

16 May: Physics Practical... (was easy but unpredictable result)... [A?]
20 May: Pure Maths... (success in damage limitation)... [B/C?]
23 May: Maths Mechanics 1... (worse than expected)... [B/C?]
24 May: Geography 1&2... (nice break, hand hurts after 3h)... [A?]
27 May: Business 1&2... (gentle stuff)... [A?]
29 May: Chemistry 1&2... (unit 1 ok.. unit 2 AAARGHHH!!!)... [B/C?]
31 May: Physics 1&2... (unit 1 good.. 2 far worse than expected)... [B?]
10 June: Geography 3... (EXAM BOARD MESSED UP! HA HA!)... [A?]
12 June: Business 3... (fun easy stuff)... [A?]
18 June: Maths Mechanics 2... (stab in the back to finish)... [C/D?]

     That's... uhh.. it! Maybe some retakes in January, but results come out in august.

School's out 13 May 2002

     Good news: Official school hours are over! Didn't need to come to school this morning! I've got some more time at last.

Bad news #1: Exams are coming up really really soon.. all that time is gonna have to be pumped into revision (pfft :p).
Bad news #2: School isnt really over.. there are revision classes and using the "teachers are giving up their time.. so you should" psycology.
Bad news #3: Maths lessons today in the afternoon.. aahh crap.

I've been working on RDC/HTTP 2.0 lately, managed at last to get SSL to work, I'll wrap it up into a usable code class later, hopefully today.

*Drring* 7 May 2002

     Muahaha! Morning trip to school reduced 4 fold, to under 20 minutes courtesy of new bike. Aside from my feet falling off (and pain in the @$$) after 2 roundtrips today and a new late for school excuse: "Sir/Miss.. sorry, my bike was late" things are going rather well, but very very busy.
THREE school days to go! wo0T!

Save Internet Radio 1 May 2002

Yeah, turned my radio on today, and found the US webcast industry on the verge of collapse... I seriously agree with the webcaster guys.
Suggest you support them while they're there :)

New Bike & Google woes 30 April 2002

     Got a new bike so I can get to school faster, I'll get helmet, bell, pump and chain and I hope it'll last longer than my power supplies do. Seems google cannot index the pages of this site properly with the new C script which generates the pages. I may have to redesign the way it works once again, not quite sure how yet. But maybe it's the fault of a php redirection script... I shall have to replace it.

New Mobo & World Demo 29 April 2002

     Umm yeah, PSU #3 seems not have blown out this time.. but the motherboard has :/ nevermind, it's under warranty and good old Cybyte fixed it again. What could be next? I better back my stuff up to be safe. Meanwhile I've been reading Code Complete and Gems2, and investigating vector maps. Now a loader done for the .shp map format (thx Wotsit.Org) and I can load a vector map of the world, display in OpenGL.. cool stuff. Check out the Dev section for the screenshot :)

Tribes2 Server 22 April 2002

     One of the game demos I really like is Tribes2, the minute I tested the server to play on my own pc, a dozen others joined... To my surprise it seems my new connection really does rule! I'll keep the server up for now and see what happens. My computer is getting very hot with all the processing it has to do (seti, prime number calculations, a couple dozen applications, games when i play), even with the exhaust fan i fitted, any sugestions making the thing cooler?

Voxelsoft Forum 21 April 2002

     Many sites have a BBS (bulletin board system) these days, so I've set up the Voxelsoft Forum! The board contains some information I posted about the projects like bugs and solutions etc, tech support and a lounge where you can post about anything you want. Please do sign up, walk around and post a few messages, would be really nice to get a conversation going. Maybe post your ideas for future projects or suggestions for improving existing ones, or just talk about the weather!

Weekend 19 April 2002

     Ahh nice break... Or is it :p?.. Fixed counter at the bottom. I now think the LAN problem is due to the Intel 8255x 10/100 network card adaptor after running intel diagnostic tools. The actual problem still eludes me. Two weeks until exam leave now, better start thinking about revision just a little more seriously.

Mid-Week Rant 17 April 2002

     Well, school is really getting on my nerves: 7 lessons today, and a 7nth yesterday too. Takes some fragging to get rid of everything that builds up. Can't wait till the weekend when my stepdad is bringing my old Runabout computer back after a year of it being separated from me. Got some of the new stuff set up, but LAN is not firing up properly with new hub even at 10mbit half duplex. Probably an XP/98 conflict of sorts or horrible network card[s] (and yes, ive tried most things). Very glad my PSU #3 is still intact, although this one makes weird noises. Sadly not much on the development front to report, just fixing minor things, thinking up new ideas. Thanks for the hits everyone - very encouraging that the counter is already nearing 1000 mark :-)

2nd PSU down 15 April 2002

     This house must have some serious electrical problems. Second PSU in a week dead, downtime was minimal and I've installed surge&spike protection. Dabs have finally processed my order and I should have a decent LAN to test the new tetris clone on very soon, maybe a release before the exams. AAahargh homework, cant get away from it any more, I'll have to do it... tomorrow morning :D .. or lunchtime... ah what the heck.. :)

ADSL 13 April 2002

     Here we are! ADSL feels absolutely great after a life hanging off the 56k wire :) Received the Gems book yesterday *hugs Washu*. Now I'm online 24/7... Only 4 weeks to AS exams *shudder* well, I guess the balance of good & evil has to remain. Getting my place LAN'ed up properly and that'll be my setup for another year and a bit.

Pre-ADSL 11 April 2002

     My computer had to have a PSU replacement (thanks Cybyte). Seems I ran it for months on end, then switched it off and it couldnt stand the cold! Also found a couple of shortcuts to school, reducing the time it takes to get there. BT says my line is fine, got the ADSL frog installed, waiting for activation on the 15th. Tomorrow I'm expecting some new computer kit and a cool "Gems" book that Washu (#gamedev) bought for me as a present from my wish list - thanks, that's really sweet! Working on a multiplayer tetris clone with cool FX :)

Easter holidays over :( 7 April 2002

     The Easter break is over, back to school tomorrow. I still dont have a bike and have to walk for 50 minutes to school and then 50 minutes from school. Kinda sucks when I think about it, but it gives me a chance to reflect on stuff and thinking time :) I try not to waste time cause time is money :p 12 days to ADSL, and lets hope BT dont screw it up, eh?

Back Again! 6 April 2002

     Well after a year or so of neglecting the site, a miracle! I've at last bothered to update it. Maybe I might even start posting messages again on a regular basis ;-)
     Lots of things have happened over the past few months so I wont try documenting them all. You'll see a few new projects on the list, some stuff about me, broken links as standard and it'll be a few days before everything is built, sorted and cleaned up. Feedback about the new site appreciated as always.


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