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Projects in various stages of development...


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This is a multiplayer tetris clone with nice graphics, cool special effects (particle system and wave system) and great powerups. I've been working on it with Mad Hatter Entertainment but they have withdrawn from the development process.

I'm not sure how to release this title - it would breach Tetris copyright. I am investigating several options, including Open Source or modifying the game for a different purpose.

Required Specs: Win95/98/Me/2K/NT+, DirectX 6.1+, 800x600 @ 16 bit

Game24 is a small project based on the popular maths game. Think up 4 numbers and arrange them together with maths symbols (+,-,*,/) in a way so that they produce the number 24. We will extend the rules to any amount of numbers and a choice of the results.

e.g. with 2,29,7,10 can make 29-10+7-2=24

Required Specs: Win9x/NT/2K

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This is (or is intended to be) a commercial project. A full screen, high quality graphics, sound and music advance on eTank with a huge scrolling playing field and up to 32 player support. I very much hope that the CEO of Xtreme Games LLC will like it when it's finished and publish it for us :).

The game will run at 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution.

iTank is expected to have some of the most cutting edge multiplayer gaming.

Required Specs: Win9x/NT/2K, DirectX 6.1+, Winsock, 640x480+ @ 16+ bit

This is gonna be a major project. It's a secret for now.

I'm gonna keep everyone in suspense but the least I can say is this will be the most complex and rewarding project ever and will see Voxelsoft move into 3D graphics.

Required Specs: Undefined

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There are also unofficial projects and tests that are in development. New projects will be added to this list and completed projects will be removed from this list.

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