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Completed Projects
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Here are some projects that I've managed to put together...


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I got a little bored of just making little applications and went for a game. The idea was to create something that was simple to make and was playable over the Internet. I searched for a network multiplayer version of a tank game - and didn't find one!

I got a little over ambitious as I always do, so now eTank is an 8 player internet game with fireballs, shields, energy, built-in chat, sounds, music, player ban system and random map generator!

Required Specs: Win9x/NT/2K, 800x600x16 res.

PakViewer is a tiny project that I started while getting ideas for xTowers.

PakViewer can be used to open game .pak files, like ones in Quake. You can extract, add and remove files stored in these archives with a simple WinZip like interface. Go on, you always wanted to know what's inside those mysterious Quake and Quake2 pak files. This is a handy tool for developers as well as snoopers. It's very tiny to download, too.

Required Specs: Win9x/NT/2K

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Automatic Light Strobe' is a freeware screensaver add-on to existing screensavers that 'strobes' the Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keyboard LED's on and off to give a nice effect, especially in the dark! alStrobe is freeware and is compatible with almost all screensavers available! alStrobe does not replace your current screensaver, but instead adds more effect to it by 'strobing' lights on the keyboard when your normal screensaver runs.
Required Specs: Win9x

'Blue Screen' is a freeware application that allows you to change colors on the blue screen of death. Next time all your work is lost, at least you will have something to show off and impress your mates with, even if you don't have much work to show to your boss! Enjoy!

bScreen is a utility that can be used to change colors of the infamous 'blue screen of death' with a simple interface.

Required Specs: Win9x

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[enlarge] [download (30Kb)]

This is Voxelsoft's first project and one that I am going to try to distance myself from. It is a bit of a disaster but it was the first program release so give me the benefit of the doubt. Basically the idea was to create a hidden program that follows a script that a non-programmer can quickly write and use. The script would have the ability to control application windows and buttons. Oh Dear...
Required Specs: Win9x/NT/2K

More coming up...

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