Our Services

  Here is a list of our services. We have tried to make it as clear as possible. You can contact us for further details.
 We can create personalized, customized, tailor-made software to suit your needs. Currently only DOS and Windows (Trademarks of Microsoft(R) Corp.) platforms. The software is carefully built to your specifications. You may include your own material for us to use - e.g. a photo for your personal screensaver.
 We can build your own personal web site, together with customized images, counters, guestbooks, online sales, advertizing, chatrooms and your own search engines.
 This is many a person's dreams - a game thought up by you, dedicated to you and belonging to you. Unfortunately for reasons of time, money and investment we can only accomodate small and simple games such as packman, not the cutting 3D edge of today. But that is not important - a small, simple game with a great idea goes a long, long way.
 Image creation, manipulation and design.

Not all of our services are listed above. If you need something that does not appear in the list, please do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.